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Current Students in The New Media Institute

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You are on your way to earning The New Media Interdisciplinary Certificate. Each class is essential to building your understanding of technology. We guarantee each course will enhance your understanding of how to apply new media in your main area of study, while also increasing your knowledge of the latest new media news.

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All NMI students must agree to our policies and comply with our class and social media requirements. You must read and sign off on the policies and meet the social media requirements during the first week of class to remain in the class. You must sign off on the policies for every class you take. The policies do not transfer from one class to another.


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Have you completed all the requirements for the New Media Certificate? If so, congrats! The hard part is over! Just click here to fill out the transcript form. After you turn in the transcript request form, make sure to register The New Media Certificate on Athena.


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