What is the NMI?

DoorThe New Media Institute in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication explores all aspects of innovative new media technology. The New Media Certificate is a credential proving your understanding of new media. New Media Certificate holders are able to apply new media skills in a chosen field. By earning the certificate, students demonstrate their understanding of new media technology and prove that they are “technowledgeable,” making them competitive candidates in the job market. Certificate holders have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and make connections that lead to jobs.

What You'll Learn

- Coding
- Web Design
- Graphic Design
- App Development
- Building a Portfolio

Certificate Requirements

NMIX 2020, NMIX 4410, NMIX 4220/4221, NMIX 4510 and 6 approved elective hours

The certificate program is open to students currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in any major. To earn the certificate, a student must complete 17 credit hours and earn a B or higher in each class. 11 hours are required core classes and the remaining 6 are electives, which can be from any approved department.

Core Courses

To qualify for the certificate, students must complete eleven hours of required courses. Students must apply for admittance to the required upper-level courses (NMIX 4110: New Media Production and NMIX 4510: New Media Capstone). To view syllabi, click the class name.
NMIX 2020: Intro to New Media

Take the first step in your New Media certificate journey and examine old and new media alike. This course helps students understand the factors that influence development and acceptance of innovative media technologies. Exploration focuses on the technical, social, and cultural aspects of media technologies.

NMIX 4110: New Media Production

Learn essential new media technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap, and more in a workshop-based environment. It is the perfect class for beginners to build a solid technical foundation and for more advanced students to explore topics in greater depth.

NMIX 4220/4221: Digital Brown Bag

This discussion-based course explores the technologies, techniques, and issues shaping new media. Presentations include a single speaker, a panel discussion, or a demonstration. Students interact with new media professionals during class and develop vital career networks.

NMIX 4510: New Media Capstone

Apply the skills you’ve learned in all other NMI classes (and pick up a few new ones, too!) to complete new media projects for clients. Collaborate with a team of your classmates to build a project you’ll be proud of, then show it off to industry professionals at SLAM .

Elective Courses

Students are required to complete six hours of electives relevant to the study of new media in order to earn the New Media Certificate. Electives can come from the following list or students can petition to have a given course count as an elective. To view syllabi, click the class name.
NMIX 4111: New Media Design

Learn about traditional graphic design topics like color, composition, and typography and get comfy with Adobe Creative Cloud. Explore emerging fields like interaction, motion, and user experience design.

NMIX 4200: New Media Topics

Every semester, the NMI offers unique and engaging special topics courses such as: TED Talk, Photography, Media Analytics, Communities of Play and Drones! Drones! Drones! Be on the lookout for future offerings!

NMIX 4310: Rich Media Production

This class focuses on two main areas: intermediate web development and native iOS development using Swift. Focusing on mobile devices, this course equips you to build using emerging platforms.

NMIX 5010: New Media Internship

Internships are an important step in preparing yourself for the working world. NMIX 5010 allows students to earn class credit for internship work that dives into New Media technologies and development.

Non-NMI Electives

The New Media Certificate also allows non-NMI electives in disciplines including ADPR, CSCI, DRAM, and more. Check out our approved electives by clicking on Non-NMI Electives above!

Completion Paths

It's not too late to start the certificate program! Check out the following completion paths and start earning your certificate at anytime!
Freshmen & Sophomores

Total time: 6 semesters
1. Fall: NMIX 2020
2. Spring: NMIX 4110
3. Fall: 1 elective
4. Spring: NMIX 4220 and 1 elective
5. Fall: NMIX 4221
6. Spring: NMIX 4510

Sophomores & Juniors

Total Time: 4 semesters
1. Fall: NMIX 2020 and NMIX 4110
2. Spring: NMIX 4220 and 1 elective
3. Fall: 1 elective
4. Spring: NMIX 4221 and NMIX 4510


Total Time: 2 semesters
1. Fall: NMIX 2020, NMIX 4110,
NMIX 4220 and 2 electives
2. Spring: NMIX 4510 and NMIX 4221

Interested in the Certificate?